Hood Care


  • Wipe down your leather products with a clean dry cloth after every use. If there is dirt sweat/etc. you can wipe the hood down with a damp cloth then blot dry. If you are looking for more shine, you can use Fiebings leather balm with atom wax, just put a thin coat over the hood, allow to dry, then buff, consecutive coats will add more shine. If you have a color hood that has a shoe polish that matches, you may also use this. Only shine a hood when needed or getting dull.
  • If absolutely necessary a gentle cleansing with warm water and glycerin soap can be done if the leather becomes soiled. Brush on with a soft-bristled brush, rinse by using a damp cloth, and blot the leather with a dry cloth until it remains just slightly damp. Allow the product to air dry on form the rest of the way.
  • One can also use products designed to clean leather holsters, do NOT use products designed for clothing or furniture, as this will soften the hood leather and cause it to lose its form. If you want to use these products I recommend Galco Leather Cleaner.
Use cleaners and conditioners sparingly. Washing your hood in either of
these ways may result in slight changes to the color of the leather and or
softening of the form.


  • When not in use, store your leather products in a cool, dry location, out of direct sunlight. It is recommended that you store it on a mannequin head or other form to ensure that your hood does not lose any definition or become skewed.


To keep your leather goods in the best condition and allow them to age naturally and gracefully, avoid the following:

  • High humidity. Humidity can cause your leather product to mildew over time.
  • Direct sunlight and high heat. Direct sunlight and high heat can cause your leather to become brittle and dry, and could cause the material to crack or fade. Changing atmospheric conditions, heavy perspiration and other factors could create such conditions.
  • Saddle soap or other conditions that could over soften the leather.
  • Areas of high salt content/sweat can degrade the leather quality.
  • After wearing your hood, if it is sweaty or damp, be sure to gently wipe it down with a soft damp cloth and allow to dry fully on a form. Do not use heat sources to dry.
NOTE: It is HIGHLY recommended that any hoods that use white,
or light colors avoid anything more than damp cloth cleaning more so
than dark hoods as it is more likely to effect color finish.
If you must use a cleaner on your hood, test in an inconspicuous
area prior to using it.
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